Pouring new oil into the engine of a vehicle

How to Check the Essential Fluids in Your Vehicle?

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Check Vehicle Fluids  

Nearly every aspect of your car, including its longevity and fuel efficiency, is greatly influenced by fluids. We can all agree that having them at the proper level will increase the car’s lifespan and driving performance. Drivers have been searching for ways to make their vehicles more dependable and powerful since the introduction of the automobile. Even if today’s automobiles are the best, regular maintenance and tune-ups are still necessary. Cars also require regular TLC; one with six different fluids would require the greatest care. You’ll learn about a step-by-step guide on how to check vehicle fluids in this blog by Mark Motors.   

Transmission Fluid  

  • Start your car and keep it going. Ensure the emergency brake is engaged and the vehicle is parked.  
  • Take the transmission fluid dipstick out by raising the hood.  
  • The dipstick should be cleaned with a rag before being replaced.  
  • Remove the transmission fluid dipsticks and compare the level to the indications.   
  • Consult a transmission expert right away if the reading is low.  

Brake Fluid  

  • How frequently you should check your brake fluid is specified in the owner’s manual for your car.  
  • Discover the reservoir for the brake fluid.   
  • Use an authorized aerosol cleaner to get rid of any dirt.  
  • After removing the lid, check the brake fluid level on the dipstick attached to the cap’s underside.  


  • The owner’s manual for your car will explain how frequently coolant has to be checked.  
  • Find the reservoir for the coolant. The reservoir’s side has markings that show how much coolant is within. If the level is low, either top off the coolant with more of the right mixture or have a mechanic work on your car.  
Checking the oil level with a dipstick
Closing the radiator cap after checking the coolant levels

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