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What are the fun things to do in Boerne, Texas?

Things to do in Boerne, TX! 

Named after the German novelist Ludwig Borne, Boerne, Texas, is a city in the Texas Hill Country close to San Antonio. The Forty-Fighters, a German group, dedicated to science, literature, music, and philosophy, created it with fundamental human rights principles. In addition to having some of the country’s oldest known cavern systems, the city is brimming with history, community, and a determination to protect the region’s natural resources. To protect the region for future generations, many practices, such as sustainable farming, is at the core of Boerne’s eateries, breweries, and vineyards. There is something for everyone—golf, wildlife, sports, kids’ activities, and much more! Discover what makes Boerne, Texas, a fantastic vacation spot with something to offer everyone! Keep reading this blog by Mark Motors to learn more about the things to do in Boerne, TX.   

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Top 5 Easy Ways to Increase Fuel Mileage on Your Vehicle

How to Improve Gas Mileage Effectively 

When it comes to saving money, there are few things more satisfying than improving your gas mileage. Not only does it lighten the load on your wallet at the petrol stations, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re looking for ways to increase fuel mileage on your vehicle, keep reading this blog by Mark Motors in Boerne, TX, to find five easy tips to get you started. From proper tire inflation to lightening your load, these tips will help you eke out every mile from each gallon of gas. 

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