2021 McLaren 720S on road

Your Guide to Pre-owned Luxury Cars: Important Tips Before Making That Purchase

What Are the Things to Know Before Buying a Used Luxury Vehicle?  

Luxury cars are the first choice of many car enthusiasts. However, the hefty price tags prevent them from owning their dream model. Opting for a used luxury vehicle can offer an opportunity to experience luxury at a more affordable price. However, before making this investment, it’s essential to consider several key factors listed below. Also, interested individuals can check out our used vehicle inventory at Mark Motors, our dealership in Boerne, Texas.  

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A car on a winter snowy road

How Should I Winterize my Vehicle in Boerne, TX?

Get Your Ride Winter-Ready in Boerne, TX: Easy Tips for a Cozy Drive  

Hey there, Boerne buddies! While winter here is milder than most, giving our vehicles a little TLC for the chilly days doesn’t hurt. Here’s a friendly guide to keep your ride happy and cozy all winter. Join us in this blog by Mark Motors as we look at how to get your ride winter-ready in Boerne, TX.

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