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When Should You Change Your Car’s Engine Oil?

Five Signs that Tell You It’s Time for an Oil Change  

Have you ever wondered when you should change your car’s engine oil? Most San Antonio, TX drivers, rely solely on mileage to get an oil change, but many other warning signs tell your car requires some fresh lube. Keep reading this blog from Mark Motors in Boerne, TX, to discover these signs.  

1. Engine Oil Change Light  

Your car, no matter how new or old, comes with a nifty feature that tells you it’s time for an oil change. The oil change light, usually found on a vehicle’s instrument cluster, illuminates when it is running out of oil and tells you it’s time for an oil change service.  

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2. Engine Noise  

If your vehicle hasn’t been running as smoothly as it used to or if you’re noticing some rattling sounds from the engine, chances are it could be because of low oil levels or dirty oil. Oil forms a protective layer, lubricates the moving metal parts inside the engine, and lowers metal-to-metal friction. However, it tends to wear out or evaporate due to excessive heat inside the engine, causing more friction between the metal parts and thus causing increased engine noise.  

3. Dirty or Dark Oil  

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Close up view of an oil change.

As engine oil gets older, it picks up dirt and other particles from the engine and becomes dark or dirty. This makes the oil lose its consistency and become less sticky. Fresh oil is amber in color and is almost translucent. Take out the dipstick from your engine and give it a visual check. If you see dark brown or black oil, you know its job is over.  

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4. Oil Smell  

The smell of oil inside your car could be due to oil leakage. Leaking oil means depleting oil, so get it to a service center, check the filter and leakage, and replace the oil immediately.  

5. Exhaust Smoke  

Smoke from the exhaust is quite common, especially in older cars, but it could be because of low oil levels when you notice too much smoke or gray or white smoke.   

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If you notice any of the above signs and want to get your car inspected or have its oil replaced, call Mark Motors in Boerne, TX, and schedule an oil change service appointment today!